Sunday Worship

community celebration8Worship is important for us. Vibrant and authentic with opportunity for members of the congregation to contribute.

We gather each Sunday anticipating God’s Spirit to move among us, to inspire our worship and enable us to hear and respond to His Word.   Grange Baptist is a child safe community and inclusive of all people from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

Each Sunday – beginning at 10am with the whole family together we spend time praising God and sharing what he has been doing among us.  At around 10.30 the children (3- year 6) leave us for their program.  The young people (years 7-9) leave just before the sermon.  Normally our service will finish by 11.30 when tea and coffee are enjoyed by all.

The Sermons: We believe in the power and authority of God’s Word.  As a resultRPP_9165 (Copy) we place a high value on hearing it read and listening to it spoken about, fully expecting that God, by His Spirit will use His Word to transform our lives.  Sermon notes are provided most weeks (also on You version).

To access audio files click here

Current preaching series – Currently we are working our way through Ephesians.  A wonderful letter that outlines the core truths of the Gospel and the heart of God for His Church.  Through this we anticipate we will gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what God’s purpose for us is.

Worship ministries  – Our worship ministries include three music teams, a creative ministries director and a team of people responsible for our technology.

RPP_9138 (Copy)Prayerwe regularly provide opportunity for prayer ministry expecting people to experience God in more powerful ways as a result of His Spirit moving in their lives.

Children’s ministry for more information about our children’s ministry, in particular what happens on Sundays during our services, please click here.

Youth ministry – during the sermon on most Sundays the year 7-9s have their own time of Bible Study. This is part of our wider ministry to and with young people.  For more information click here

Creche facilities – A creche corner, aided by volunteers with appropriate credentials, is provided to allow families to retreat as needed while still remaining part of the service.

 Diversity – We value people from all backgrounds and are inclusive of pRPP_9670 (Copy)eople with disabilities.

All people who work with our children or other vulnerable groups within the Church have current police checks and been trained in appropriate mandatory notification procedures.  For more information about our child safe policies and procedures click here