Pastoral Care


Grange Baptist is a caring Church.   God’s love is expressed and experienced through meals, phone contacts, sharing over coffee, the provision of physical assistance and prayer throughout the week for and by each other. This primarily occurs in the context of our life groups however we have a Pastoral Care team which meet each week.

 Prayer ministry – we have two intercessory prayer groups which meet each week specifically to pray for the needs of the Church and people connected with it. As well as this there is a prayer communication network  for urgent needs.  If you would like prayer click here to send us an email.RPP_9663 (Copy)

 Pastoral Care Team – Meets weekly to ensure that those who have special needs or are going through particularly difficult times are receiving all appropriate assistance.  If you would like to contact a member of the pastoral care team click here to send us an email.

 Practical support – Loving one another often requires practical assistance as well as spiritual and emotional support.  We take this mandate seriously.  If confidential assistance is required please contact us.  click here to send us an email.