Life Groups

Life Groups are the hub of our church.  They are small communities of people who share life together and are intentional about discipleship, mission and mutual pastoral support.  We believe  that through being transformed by His Word, encouraged by His people and empowered through His Spirit we can fulfill His purpose for our lives.  Life Groups meet regularly for Worship, Bible Study, sharing, service and prayer.  All the people of the Church are connected to a Life Group and there is always space for more.  If you would like to join a group or find our more please  contact us.

Group times and contacts – Our life groupsSmall-Group-Photo meet throughout the week primarily in people’s homes.  We have groups that meet on most days of the week and times of day.  Some groups are inclusive of children, some are more suitable for the more mature.  There is bound to be a group for you.  To find out more please contact us.

Discipleship – As well as Life Groups we provide other opportunities to be encouraged in your Christian faith.  Various Bible Studies and prayer groups meet regularly and occasional Alpha courses , parenting and marriage courses, and seminars dealing with particular issues are provided when needed.  If you would like to be encouraged to explore or grow in your faith please contact us.

Mission –Backyard-blitz  Supporting each member in the places where they have been called and doing mission and serving together are two ways in which Life Groups enable mission.  We believe there is nothing more exciting than being privileged to help someone else come to know Jesus.   Through our Life Groups this can be effectively encouraged and is part of our wider commitment to the local community. Please contact us to find out more.


Pastoral Care – .  We believe the primary and best place for effective pastoral care is in the context of our Life Groups.  However the wider church has other resources as needed, please contact us.

Getting to know Jesus – If you would like to get to know Jesus.  Click here for a simple presentation of how that can occur.

For other presentations check out the following G.O.S.P.E.L, The Story of God, or The Good News.