Council of Elders

RPP_9066The Council of Elders is the Governance Board of the Church and has ultimate responsibility for the spiritual health and vitality of the Church and ensures it is fulfilling all its administrative and ministry functions.  With the Senior Pastor they pray for and consider the Churches future direction, maintain Christian discipline, and develop ministry and mission policies. The Council of Elders are responsible for the development and recommendation of policies, the delegation of authority to others within the Church (Senior Pastor and key ministries) and to support and hold the Senior Pastor accountable to His calling.

The Council of Elders has the following members: Rajan Cherian, Gay Turland, Andrew Schatz, Peter Phillips and John Wilkins along with the Senior Pastor Mark Foley.  They normally meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

If you would like to contact  the Council of Elders for Prayer or any other matter please use the contact us menu above or go to our members page for more information.