Child Safe Policies and procedures

Here at Grange Baptist Church, we take our duty of care responsibility very seriously and employ Judy to ensure this occurs.
We want everyone to feel welcome and safe as they interact and participate in our many and varied ministry groups.
Before an individual can take on a leadership role in any of our groups, we require that they provide a current National Police Check and evidence of a current accredited Child Protection & Mandatory Reporting course. This documentation and training must be kept up to date and we assist by regularly running seminars regarding awareness and behaviour standards that must be met when working with children, youth, individuals with disabilities and the aged.
RPP_9299 (Copy)Our children and youth leaders also wear photo ID so they can be easily identified should assistance be required by a young person in the absence of a parent. We are diligent and vigilant in ensuring that parents can be confident knowing their children are in a safe environment while in our care.  If you would like to know any more about our child safe policies or how to be suitably accredited please use the contact us menu above.